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Most job interviews start off with the hiring manager asking you to tell something about yourself. Seems pretty basic, doesn’t it? It does seem like a very simple task but when you think of, it can get quite tricky. After all, introducing yourself to a hiring manager is entirely different from introducing yourself to other people at a different setting.

Sometimes, the simplest question can be the most difficult to answer. A lot of candidates tend to feel lost when they are asked to talk about themselves at the beginning of a job interview. This is because they don’t really know how to start or what they should talk about. They don’t have a clear idea of what the hiring manager wants to know.

In this article, I will talk about the possible reasons why you are still not getting called for job interviews despite spending a lot of time searching and applying for jobs. I will also talk about how you can overcome those difficulties to increase your chances of getting interviews.

Let’s now discuss the possible reasons why you are not getting called for interviews.

Fake jobs

There are many fake jobs being posted on job boards and unfortunately, there is no clear way to identify them. Now, why do fake jobs exist? There are many reasons why companies post them.

Not all jobs require English proficiency, but still, there are so many reasons why it pays to be fluent in English. You can reap a lot of benefits especially when it comes to your career. Sometimes, it makes all the difference. Being fluent in English is extremely beneficial even in countries where English is not the primary language. It could just be the edge that you need to have to earn a six-figure salary.

Before you begin learning a foreign language, you have to be willing to make time for it and exert extra effort. You have to be fully immersed in learning the language. Speaking better English is not as easy as taking up a one-week course.


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