How does it work?

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Welcome! You book your first session

(You can book your next 3 sessions now as well if you want) You can double-up, with 2 x 2-hour sessions, or have 4 x 1-hour sessions. That’s up to you. You complete the welcome form, upload your resume and any other documents you want me to look at – for example, the job description for the job you want or applying for. This helps me prepare for our live sessionI send you the Job Interview tool – this helps you prepare for our sessions. I’ll also send you instructions for using Zoom – the video-conferencing tool we’ll use for our sessions

Let’s get to work

We meet on Zoom and I will help you prepare to answer job interview questions using your best English. These sessions will be recorded (unless you don’t want me to)4 live sessions – recorded sessions where we’ll focus on matching your career past, present and future with the job you want. Let’s make sure you’re a match for the job and the organization.

The Recap

After each session, I will email you the recap – a reminder of what we covered, and thinking for you to do before the next session.