How To Introduce Yourself During A Job Interview

Most job interviews start off with the hiring manager asking you to tell something about yourself. Seems pretty basic, doesn’t it? It does seem like a very simple task but when you think of, it can get quite tricky. After all, introducing yourself to a hiring manager is entirely different from introducing yourself to other people at a different setting.

Sometimes, the simplest question can be the most difficult to answer. A lot of candidates tend to feel lost when they are asked to talk about themselves at the beginning of a job interview. This is because they don’t really know how to start or what they should talk about. They don’t have a clear idea of what the hiring manager wants to know. They also feel unsure because they don’t want to give a negative impression. These are all normal concerns that many job applicants have. You can also consider look these up to have an even better picture of the things to do so as to maximize your chances of landing an interview.

It is important to begin a job interview with a good introduction. It shows whether you are prepared or not. It also shows that you are well aware of your best selling points and if you can talk about yourself with confidence. This is why a good introduction is extremely helpful in making the hiring manager pay attention to you. If you just talk about random things about yourself during the introduction, then the hiring manager might get the impression that you’re disorganized and that you didn’t take time to prepare for the job interview.

In order to deliver a good introduction, you have to come up with a plan. But first, you need to be aware of the objective of an introduction. You see, when hiring managers ask you to tell something about yourself, they want to see an overview of who you are both as an individual and a potential employee. Now what does this mean? It means that your introduction should cover important details about your work history as well as your personal accomplishments or character traits. When you introduce yourself, you don’t just simply talk about your personal information. In the same way, it is not recommended that you just repeat what’s written in your resume. That is another mistake that many candidates commit. When they are asked to say something about themselves, they think that the best way to respond is by mentioning whatever is written on their resume. This is not good. It is somehow a lazy approach that does not add any value to your job interview.

Of course, when you introduce yourself, the message that you want to imply is that you have both the expertise and the skills that are perfect for the job. For example, you can start your introduction by giving a brief overview of your current job and responsibilities. If you are currently unemployed, you can talk about your previous position or your career milestones. In addition to that, mention something that’s not in your resume. It could be a personal accomplishment or an activity that you do outside of work. Make your introduction brief but memorable. And don’t forget to show confidence and composure.